TFR and Miscellaneous Depictions
TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) -- Presidents and other important people who require high security show up everywhere from time to time, air shows open and close, natural disasters (like forest fires) suddenly command attention, runways close for repairs, etc. Be aware of current events in your area, events that might change airspace demands.  Because they are temporary, they do not show up on a sectional chart. Some TFR’s seem to be permanent, like the TFR over both Disney parks.
Miscellaneous depictions on the sectional chart
There are other symbols that you will find scattered all over the Sectional Chart. They are just for your information. It’s ironic that there is a symbol for Unmanned Aircraft Activity, but no one has seen it yet on a Sectional chart.
FAA  Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Sport Pilot, Recreational, figure-20-54.
Not for Navigation.  For Training Purposes Only
This symbol depicts a VFR Waypoint.  It is used by VFR manned aircraft to convey their location to ATC and any other pilots in the area listening on the frequency.
The FAA Waypoint Chart Program was established to provide VFR pilots with a supplemental tool to assist with position awareness while navigating visually. You can expect additional aircraft traffic near VFR checkpoints, particularly when landing at small General Aircraft airports. VFR Waypoint names consist of five letters beginning with "VP". VFR waypoints colocated with Visual Checkpoints are portrayed with a checkpoint flag.
When flying in this area, pilots will refer to the VFR checkpoint in their initial contact. For example, "Suffolk traffic, , Cessna 19093 at Lake Drummond for landing.". In this single transmission, the other aircraft in the vicinity of Suffolk Exeutive Airport knows where you are, who you are and what your intentions are. The 5-letter code below the checkpoint name is the identifier for some RNAV and GPS instruments in the aircraft.  (PSALM in this example).
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