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Introduction to the Sample Test

The written exam to receive the Remote Pilot Certificate with the Small UAS Rating is similar to the written exam for a  Light Sports Pilot Certificate. There will be 60 questions selected at random. We may not see the full pool of questions , but we do have the draft of the FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards which provides an outline of what the test questions will cover.
The FAA has very little experience with sUAS aircraft, so we can expect (and the sample questions provided by the FAA supports this theory) that the Part 107 written exam will be based largely on the Light Sports Pilot cirriculumn.  Many of the following discussions may induce some head-scratching with the question, "what does this have to do with small UAS flight?".  When we can make sense of it, we will provide the answer.
This sample test is not scored as it is intended to guide you to making the correct response to the questions on the FAA written exam.  Even though the FAA provides some sample questions, there are a few tricks up their sleeve.  Not to mess with you, but to make sure your read and understand the question.  The sample questions may be just slightly different enough from the actual test question that if you just memorize the samples, you probably won't do well on the FAA exam.  For example, the sample may ask "What is a symptom of...", and the exam will ask "What is an antitdote for ....", and provide the same answer options.  Another is to switch AGL (Above Ground Level) with MSL (Mean Sea Level).  Again out of the multiple-choice answer options, there will be answers for both.  So, be careful and read the question carefully.
The FAA does not provide an answer key for their sample questions.  I rely on my experience as a commercial pilot and flight instructor to determine the correct answer, and to explain some of the "grey areas" where no answer is completely correct or two answers could be correct.  This is why some study guides will disagree.  If you find errors here, please let me know and I will research any changes.  (  Especially, please, if you take the test and my guidance was wrong.
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AC 00-6B
The sample questions contain the FAA Sectional Chart excerpts referenced in the questions.  If you would like to download the FAA Sectional Charts in PDF format for free, go to this FAA site.
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