10 When operating an unmanned airplane, the remote pilot should consider that the load factor on the wings may be increased any time
B. the airplane is subjected to maneuvers other than straight-and-level flight.
Page 5-36, Load Factors and Flight Maneuvers
"Critical load factors apply to all flight maneuvers except unaccelerated straight flight where a load factor of 1 G is always present."
Why is this important to sUAS pilots?
All aircraft, including multi-rotor UAS are exposed to load factors. When the load factor exceeds the manufacturer's limits you are a test pilot. In a multi-rotor aircraft, high load factors could result in a propeller failure because the prop is being asked to lift more load than it is designed for. (This is why a crack in a prop is especially bad). Fixed-wing aircraft could either enter an aerodynamic stall or at the worst extreme, a wing failure.
FAA-H-8083-25, "Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge "
This is correct.
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