13 When using a small UA in a commercial operation, who is responsible for briefing the participants about emergency procedures?
C. The remote PIC.
This is correct.
There are two rules in Part 107 that puts the responsibility for safe aircraft operations solely on the sUAS pilot:
§107.19 Remote pilot in command.
(b) The remote pilot in command is directly responsible for and is the final authority as to the operation of the small unmanned aircraft system.
§107.49 Preflight familiarization, inspection, and actions for aircraft operation.
Prior to flight, the remote pilot in command must:
(b) Ensure that all persons directly participating in the small unmanned aircraft operation are informed about the operating conditions,
emergency procedures, contingency procedures, roles and responsibilities, and potential hazards;
Why is this important to sUAS pilots?

The Pilot in Command answers for any accidents or rules violations that occur during the flight.
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