14 To avoid a possible collision with a manned airplane, you estimate that your small UA climbed to an altitude greater than 600 feet AGL. To whom must you report the deviation?
C. Upon request of the Federal Aviation Administration.
This is correct.
§ 107.21  In-flight emergency.
(a) In an in-flight emergency requiring immediate action, the remote pilot in command may deviate from any rule of this part to the extent necessary
to meet that emergency.
(b) Each remote pilot in command who deviates from a rule under paragraph (a) of this section must, upon request of the Administrator, send a
written report of that deviation to the Administrator.
This is not legal advice- Anyone who relies on the web for legal advice gets what they pay for.
What if ATC requests a response?
You are under no obligation to respond to the FAA, but they already know who you are and what you did.  At this stage the FAA is in the education mode, so the general advice by aviation lawyers is to comply.  Answer the questions with as little additional information as possible.  Remember that if the FAA decides to pursue a fine or certificate action, everything that you say can and will be used against you.  Miranda does not apply because this is a civil process, not criminal.  If you are courteous, polite and respect what you are told on the call, then this may be the end of the incident.
Get out of Jail Card
Yes, there is a get out of jail card for any certificated pilot, operator, airport personnel - really anyone with an FAA certification, but it's used mostly by pilots.  It is the NASA ASRS Program (Aviation Safety Reporting System).
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