A. The aircraft is East.
15 (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2G, Figure 26, area 2.) While monitoring the Cooperstown CTAF you hear an aircraft announce that they are midfield left downwind to RWY 13. Where would the aircraft be relative to the runway?
This is correct.
The standard airport traffic pattern is left turns and applies to most airports that have no ATC control tower. But, sometimes the notation "RP" appears in the airport data block, indicating that right-hand turns are the norm at that airport. But, minus ATC control or conflicting traffic, the pilot may use any standard or non-standard approach pattern they want.
The key phraseology is "midfield left downwind to runway 13" (pilots don't say "RWY" on the radio) indicating the pilot is in a standard left-turn pattern for the runway that aligns roughly with a magnetic heading of 130°, or roughly landing to the Southeast.
RP notation on the sectional chart.
Why is this important to the UAS pilot?
When flying in the vicinity of an airport, a UAS pilot would be advised to listen to the CTAF frequency on a portable receiver.  Understanding where other aircraft are in relationship to your flight would be an additional safety measure.
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