16 Under what condition should the operator of a small UA establish scheduled maintenance protocol?
B. UAS does not need to require maintenance.

Part 43 rules covers all aircraft maintenance.

§43.1 Applicability.
(b) This part does not apply to-
(3) Any aircraft subject to the provisions of part 107 of this chapter.
Why is this important to sUAS pilots?

If a manufacturer issues a memo or other notice that specific maintenance is required, you should follow their recommendations and document the work performed on your sUAS. This will protect you, the sUAS pilot, in the extremely remote possibility that your aircraft is involved in a reportable accident.
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This is not the correct answer.
Why is this the wrong answer?

Notwithstanding the poor grammar in the sample question from the FAA, formal maintenance procedures or record-keeping is not required in Part 43 or Part 107.
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