18 Identify the hazardous attitude or characteristic a remote pilot displays while taking risks in order to impress others?
A. Impulsivity.
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Impulsivity: “Do it quickly.
This is the attitude of people who frequently feel the need to do something, anything, immediately. They do not stop to think about what they are about to do, they do not select the best alternative, and they do the first thing that comes to mind.
From: FAA-H-8083-25B "Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge"

Page 2-5, Hazardous Attitudes and Antidotes

"Being fit to fly depends on more than just a pilot’s physical condition and recent experience. For example, attitude affects
the quality of decisions. Attitude is a motivational predisposition to respond to people, situations, or events in a given
manner. Studies have identified five hazardous attitudes that can interfere with the ability to make sound decisions and
exercise authority properly: anti-authority, impulsivity, invulnerability, macho, and resignation."
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