20 Safety is an important element for a remote pilot to consider prior to operating an unmanned aircraft system. To prevent the final "link" in the accident chain, a remote pilot must consider which methodology?
B. Safety Management System.
This is not the correct answer.
"Investigations into the causes of air carrier accidents have shown that human error is a contributing factor in 60 to 80 percent of all air carrier incidents and accidents. Long-term NASA research has demonstrated that these events share common characteristics. Many problems encountered by flightcrews have very little to do with the technical aspects of operating in a multi-person cockpit. Instead, problems are associated with poor group decisionmaking, ineffective communication, inadequate leadership, and poor task or resource management. Pilot training programs historically focused almost exclusively on the technical aspects of flying and on an individual pilot’s performance; they did not effectively address crew management issues that are also fundamental to safe flight.
From AC No: 120-51E, Crew Resource Management Training
Page 4, Background
Crew Resource Management implies that there are required crewmembers besides the pilot.  While the basics of CRM are good to know, since there is only one required crewmember in a Part 107 flight, CRM doesn't apply.
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