23 A local TV station has hired a remote pilot to operate their small UA to cover breaking news stories. The remote pilot has had multiple near misses with obstacles on the ground and two small UAS accidents. What would be a solution for the news station to improve their operating safety culture?
A. The news station should implement a policy of no more than five crashes/incidents within 6 months.
This is not the correct answer.
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Why is this important to the sUAS pilot?
I really can't fathom an answer here.  Most FAA rules and policies do have a likelihood of improving aviation safety, but emphasizing Hazardous pilot attitudes is puzzling.  Even more when it being exhibited by an employer.  But, it's currently on the FAA agenda, so we have to learn the FAA definitions of Hazardous Attitudes, even though knowing about it won't change anything.

Actually, who would hire or keep a pilot who has a history of crashes?
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