23 A local TV station has hired a remote pilot to operate their small UA to cover breaking news stories. The remote pilot has had multiple near misses with obstacles on the ground and two small UAS accidents. What would be a solution for the news station to improve their operating safety culture?
B. The news station does not need to make any changes; there are times that an accident is unavoidable.
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Resignation: “What’s the use?”
Pilots who think, “What’s the use?” do not see themselves as being able to make a great deal of difference in what happens to them.
When things go well, the pilot is apt to think that it is good luck. When things go badly, the pilot may feel that someone is out to get them
or attribute it to bad luck. The pilot will leave the action to others, for better or worse. Sometimes, such pilots will even go along with
unreasonable requests just to be a "nice guy."
FAA-H-8083-25B "Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge",
Page 2-5, Hazardous Attitudes and Antidotes.

The station management is exhibiting resignation.
This is not the correct answer.
'Stuff happens' is a poor excuse for risk management.
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