48. (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2G, Figure 26.) The Devils Lake East MOA is a
Military Operations Area (MOA)- These large areas of the country are shown on your sectional as enclosed by a line of magenta hash marks with a sharp outer edge. Military operations such as training exercises come and go. Permission to fly in an MOA is not required. You would be advised to contact Flight Service at 1-800-WXBRIEF or the Contact Facility listed in the legend of the Sectional Chart to inquire if the MOA is "hot" (in-use).
How is this important to the sUAS pilot?
Military operations area (MOA) is airspace established for the purpose of separating certain military training activities from IFR traffic. Military traffic can be anywhere in these areas and at speeds in excess of 250 knots. In this example, the legend for Devils Lake East MOA shows the floor of the MOA begins at 3,500 ft MSL.
C. military operations area.
Now for some chart reading. Will this MOA be a problem for a small UAS flight? Look at the notation in the quadrant on the sectional chart.
This says that the highest obstruction in this quadrant is below 2,200 ft MSL. For the low-altitude sUAS pilot, the highest obstacle is 2,200 ft and you could fly your aircraft to 2,600 ft (within 400 ft or the obstacle), leaving you a 900 ft buffer to the MOA that begins at 3,500 ft. Your flight is unlikely to encounter a military aircraft in this area.
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